a ministry for you.

At Abundant Grace, we have the right ministry for you whether you are young or old. Check out which ministry can best serve your needs and get involved today!


We believe men have a special call of leadership in our families, our workplaces, and in our community. You will find men of Abundant Grace to be a very diverse group. In that diversity we all have the same need and dependence on God. View page


The goal of our Women's Ministry is to equip women in their daily lives. We hope to empower women to see the everyday things as something to be done with God in mind. We strive to put women into community, in a safe environment where the Gospel of Jesus can be heard. View page


The littlest ones are just starting to know their world. They have so many questions, and their little imaginations are unbelievable. They will love our children's ministry! View page


We believe it’s our responsibility to affect the territory around us. What does that mean?It means we reach out. We want to help the hurting, disheartened, and destitute.


Grace for Today is the daily broadcast of Abundant Grace. Pastor Rob is heard on stations across the nation, helping others discover Jesus and the grace He has provided. View page


The Missions Ministry of Abundant Grace is our local outreach to the world. The commission of the Missions Ministry is the same that Jesus gave to His disciples in Matthew 28—to "make disciples of all nations." View page